NYC ObservingEnthusiastic & eager to learn, I’m seeking out foreign adventures in food, travel & all that lies between.

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, I had nothing major to complain about. Life was good on the surface, but I felt like I wasn’t actively participating in it. Routine took over and I forgot the reasons behind what I was doing. So I started thinking about moving off the grid. Friends didn’t quite understand why I was rebelling against life’s usual template – university, job, marriage, mortgage and baby interspersed with a few all-inclusive holidays. And my mother showed her support by lovingly reminding me that although my “marry before date” had long since expired, I still had a good 5 years left to find someone. Bless her.

Now don’t get me wrong, I want the picket fence… But I also want to take a photo that peers into someone’s soul, act fancy in a couture gown, bake a moan-inducing, sweet something, live through a travel horror story, run a marathon in a weird country, see a legend rock out in concert, learn to speak another language, jump without hesitation and the list grows on. 

So in 2010 (with much trepidation), I leaped over the pond and landed in London, UK to get my groove back.

Since then I’ve been on a non-stop pursuit of foreign adventure from what I eat & where I travel to who I meet & all the wonderful ways that I fall on my face!

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to do something stupid. 😉
Thanks for visiting my blog!


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    • Thanks Addie! Change is never easy, but once you take the plunge, you immediately start to wonder why you waited so long. It’s definitely been a great adventure so far. I am constantly evolving thanks to all the amazing people I meet and interesting things I read. And this blog is already proving to do the same. Looking forward to perusing your blog!

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, and the like on Charades. I am going to relocate this year and plant new roots. Change is always a positive adventure, of new experiences and meeting wonderful people. Enjoy life, you only get one!

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