The Allure of Off-Peak Travel

I love off-peak travel. While it’s definitely not a hard-and-fast rule and is certainly not for everyone, there are definitely some key considerations that are sometimes overlooked. These are the top 8 things I consider when thinking about travel in the off-season…

1. Save Money
Maximize your travel dollars. Prices for flights, hotels, etc. are often significantly reduced so you can either save on cash or use the extra money to fund flashier digs ;).

2. Save Time
Quit the queue. Most jobs don’t offer an unlimited reserve of vacation days. Travel time is limited, so wasting time in traffic and waiting in lines is not ideal.

3. Avoid Crowds
Kill the crowd. The chaotic and busy high-season can leave you exhausted and in need of a vacation from your vacation! There’s no need to endure, just enjoy. Skip the pushy, shovey and overall unpleasant raucous caused by those temporarily released from their cubicles.

4. Unleash Expectations
Explore the unknown. That postcard pinned to a cubicle wall? Desktop wallpaper? These picturesque destinations are perfectly crafted escapes from the everyday ordinary. And while it is amazing to bring an image to life… What if you stumbled upon that white, sandy beach at random? What if it was a moment made special because it was unique to you. What if…

5. A Rare Glimpse
Take a look at the real deal and consider the locals. While popular vacation destinations play host to droves of visitors during peak season, there’s usually something going on year ’round. What does the community think about tourists? How do the locals live? This is an opportunity to avoid consuming that which is presented and seek further (perhaps deeper) stimulation. Try it, not many people do.

1. Closures
Sunk costs. Imagine travelling far and wide only to find that the one special landmark you hoped to visit was closed. This is a risk, so definitely do your research in advance.

2. Weather
Too cold? Too hot? You could be the little bear who got it just wrong. Temperatures often dictate which seasons are high vs. low, so this is a valid consideration before you set off on your sweet escape.

3. Atmosphere
Where the party at? Spring break just isn’t quite the same without masses of rowdy co-eds. While crowds can be annoying, they can also enhance the experience.


3 responses to “The Allure of Off-Peak Travel

      • I try to do most of my travel off season, not because money is limited but because you get to see a different side to a place. The most memorable was Zanzibar! What a place!

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