The Sweetest Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day has never quite made into my calendar of notable events. I was raised as a part of an excessively loving and supportive family, so my affection may be clumsy, confused and flawed… But it flows freely. However, one of my favourite Valentine’s day occurred decades ago while working in a vacuous cubicle job. The office held a dessert buffet offering home-made baked goods prepared by the employees.

Confection in place of affection?
Cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, brownies and ice cream?
There were multiple varieties in every direction!
Oh yes, this was no dream.

After indulging in a never-ending sea of sweet satisfaction, I’m a little less than impressed by the dudes who present their significant others with store-bought chocolates and a bunch of flowers. More specifically, when presented with such a scenario, I would say something like: Jog the fuck on ya numpty!

I’ve seen the promise land, and there’s no going back.



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