Not Quite Measuring Up

I am fuming!!!

Roar! Why is it that 1 cup weighs 236.5882365 mL in the US, while the same cup measures as 250 mL in Canada? And the fun doesn’t stop there, the UK outweighs us all at a whopping 284 mL for 1 cup. I ‘enjoyed’ these cultural differences while living in the UK, but such bakery betrayal is inexcusable while I’m two short hours away from my home town of Vancouver, Canada.  WHY?????

My recipe was American and my measuring cups are Canadian. Which means that after risking arthritis by squeezing the juice out of 8 lemons, painstakingly picking away every seed from said juice and double-boiling to perfection, I’m stuck with 12 inexcusably sweet lemon tarts. So sweet that they’ve neutralized the sour and taken on a metallic taste. It looks radioactive.

I totally get that I’m being a baby (and may even delete this post tomorrow), but right now… I MUST SHOUT!


2 responses to “Not Quite Measuring Up

  1. DON’T delete, I say go after all the US cookbooks/mags, TV shows that sell to us unsuspecting Canadian consumers. It could be a whole new fun blog/website career take, goes viral, TAPE it:)

    • I love the enthusiasm Saint Patrick! Be careful… The last thing I need is encouragement when I go off on one of my rants. You have no idea how far I got up the food-chain when complaining about Macy’s. If customer activist was a job, it would be mine!!!

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