A Cheesy New Year’s Message

Christmas, New Year and all the celebrations of the season are complete! Funny how this time of year compels us to seek out special moments. We eat special foods, engage in special activities, entertain special people and expect especially special results from the year ahead. So the quiet walk about town and grilled cheese sandwich lunch that I shared with my husband on the first day of 2015 may appear unacceptably ordinary. The day was not respite from excessive holiday cheer, but a uniquely crafted moment that would only be special for us.

Grilled cheese became an integral part of my life’s menu when I first met my husband. A few months into our relationship, the boy took me away for a weekend in Wales. We spent days trekking up Snowdonia and evenings dining in charming, farmhouse restaurants before retiring into our cosy log cabin.

On Sunday evening, the night before our departure, the inn where we planned to dine was closed. We drove to a neighbouring town and found several more establishments closed. In hindsight, it makes perfect sense that businesses in these remote towns would be shut on a Sunday night. Driven by our hunger pangs, we searched on for some time before we decided to retreat. With our spirits dwindling, we head back to the cabin. Too early to sleep, hunger had the potential to ruin an otherwise wonderful weekend.

I hopelessly rifled through the welcome basket that greeted us upon arrival. Jam, butter, bread and a few tea bags were all I found. Wait… We had leftover cheese from the packed lunches we carried on our treks! I plunged into my backpack and hastily seized a half-eaten package of cheese (amidst the tissue, soiled socks and maps). In seconds, I leaped back into the kitchenette, fired up the hob, buttered the bread and made 6 or 7 grilled cheese sandwiches. The boy watched in amazement. His expression was a mix of disbelief and child-like anticipation. Our Sunday night meal was ready. Aiming for our mouths, we smeared grilled cheese glory upon our faces with elation!

We didn’t know it at the time, but that was the first obstacle we would overcome together. Many more would come. And while even more await, I grow ever more confident that we’ll be able to face them like warriors (with tribal cheese streaks on our face).

Here’s to forging meaning through the many special moments that shape our lives.

Happy New Year!!!


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