An Exception to the New Year’s Eve Curse?

Someone just invited me to a New Year’s Eve party! 

Typically, this day is a horrible disappointment. However, I had an amazing NYE when I was new in London town. And since this is my first NYE in Seattle, I’m hoping ‘New to the City’ is the exception to my New Year’s Eve curse. Below is what happened in 2010…


The plan? Make it unforgettable.
The usual? An evening with close friends.
The problem? I’m in London. I don’t have any close friends.
Found: Tickets to a sold-out party.

Meet scalper at venue.
Scalper never shows up.
Doorman unsympathetic.
Time: 11:14pm.
Thoughts: fml.

–Walk to Trafalgar Square–
What to do? New Year’s Eve fireworks display!
Big Ben, the London Eye and the River Thames as the backdrop.
Received: 1 hoot and holler
Delivered: A 10-minute tutorial about how to be a gentleman.

–Walking through Leicester Square–

Join party-goers.
Earn an invite into a club.
Entrance denied.
Head to nearest tube station.
Meet Graham…
A Kiwi drinking out of a brown bag.
Score my friend a beer.
Compare Kiwi and UK slang.
New priority: I need to tinkle.
Search for toilet.
Kiwi comes along (cost of beer revealed).

–Walk to Mayfair–
Toilet found. Bladder relieved.
New environment: The Black Diamond Ball.
Music: good.
Venue: impressive.
Stay: extended!
Get approached by a 24-year old.
Part from my group. Dance.
Kelly, I really like you.
Onto the next.
–Cab home–
Eat a pasty.
Step into my house.
Time: 5am.
Time: 11am.
Ring ring.
It’s the scalper.
He wants money for his wasted tickets.
Jog the fuck on!
How was my New Year’s Eve?

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