The Exodus of Excitement

Go! Go! Go! Sometimes I feel an excitement that I can’t contain. The anticipation of things to come makes me feel like I could burst! Well, this positive energy can also deflate and dwindle down into a dusty memory. Don’t feel bad because it’s more annoying than sad. Picture it… It was Saturday, December 20th, 2014…

Rife with anticipation, my husband and I woke up at 6:30 am to explore Washington state with a wintery trek. In preparation, we selected the perfect location, packed lunches and had our backpacks equipped for the journey ahead. However, as much as we wanted the trek, the trek just didn’t want us. The more effort we made to get out, the more challenges we faced…

Stop. @7:08 am We need a Discover Pass.
My husband learns that permits are required to access state parks and our big day out is totally screwed. Or is it…
Problem 1: This trek requires a permit.
Solution 1: We can purchase online!
Problem 2: We don’t have a printer.
Solution 2: Find another trek!

Stop. @7:32 am New location, new gear.
Oops. The new plan takes us to a snow-capped mountain, so just a minute as we grab some weather appropriate gear.

Stop. @7:47 am We need a Northwest Forest Pass.
Damn. This mountain falls under a different state park catchment area where a different permit is required.
Problem 3: If we can’t print these permits online, what can we do?
Solution 3: In-store purchase is offered at select outdoor retailers.
Problem 4: The shops are all closed and won’t open for another hour.
Solution 4: Wait until the shops open and purchase!

Stop. @8:09 am The realization that I woke up at 6:30 am for no good reason.
I’m not a morning person, so the realization that I’ve squandered a rare, early morning wake-up negatively impacts my level of excitement.
Problem 5: Grouchiness.
Solution 5: Stand back, everyone. Stand back.

Go! @9:14 am
We’re finally on our way!
Problem: I now realize that I’m hungry.
Solution: None. I’m finally en route, so nothing’s gonna stop me. Plus, I’m a bit concerned about how much money I just spent buying state park permits.


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