Cyber-cidal Monday

I’ve seen far too many Black Friday shopping fatalities to brave the shopping crowds, but I was excited to partake in some online shopping… That is until Macy’s started f’ing with me.

The nightmare started several weeks ago when I received an email invitation to a 2-hour online sales blitz – exciting! Having recently moved to a new city, I was keen to stock up on basic items like towels, storage containers, etc. I happily awaited my order and sang praises for the retailer’s ability to host such a fun event.

A Week Later….
A week later, I contacted customer support because my order did not ship. Apparently, the order was suspiciously large and cancelled for security reasons. Since I’m new to the country, these kind of precautionary measures are to be expected. My identity was quickly confirmed and order immediately reinstated – no need to worry!

Another Week Later…
I contact Macy’s again to inquire about the delayed delivery. Another apologetic customer service rep explained that the Macy’s online system is prone to ‘Special Purge’. This is when orders are randomly deleted without notification to the customer or to Macy’s. Seriously? This scenario was painstakingly embarrassing for most online retailers over a decade ago. Again, I’m told that my order would be reinstated for immediate delivery. Oddly, I’m still excited. Probably because everyone I’ve spoken to at Macy’s was so nice. Competency aside, they were all genuinely bright, cheery and interested in helping.

Order Confirmation
Finally, I received an email order confirmation stating that the items ordered were shipped. Problem: One item was missing from my order. I notify customer service, but the missing item is no longer available – ‘Sorry’. Now I’m starting to get angry. Of course the item that I wanted most is no longer available!!! Can someone please help me find something similar? No.

Random Acts Of Violence – Is that a thing?
When I ask Macy’s to honour the item I purchased since this whole mess was an error on their part, I’m placed on hold for over an hour (without interruption) and advised to visit a store in Bridgewater New Jersey (which is nowhere near my city)!!! How is this a solution? How is this company still in business? And to top things off, the last Macy’s customer service rep I spoke to was insanely rude.

End Result?
It’s nearly a month later and I have received no items.
So much for 2-5 day shipping.

My thoughts on online shopping?
Consider this my cybercide note.



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