Bedroom or Box?

Challenge: the bedroom in my new flat is a dark box. Without a window, my only chance of seeing the sun, the moon or any glimmer of a star is if my husband takes me there. You know, there.



This 12ft x 10ft space feels like a dungeon with no immediate access to the outside world. And it is a big deal. C’mon, there’s a reason the interior cabins for cruise ships are cheaper. Plus, it’s no wonder that only ultra budget hotels offer rooms without windows at a discount. Now I love EasyHotel and have stayed in rooms without windows, but a few nights is very different from a permanent residence. Here are my main concerns right now…

Top Windowless Woes
1. Darkness or Dollars – If I’m not sleeping, the lights must be on to even walk around the bedroom.
2. Cavernous Closet – The lights are on, but nobody’s seeing the back corners or shoes in my closet.
3. No Lazy Weekends – I can no longer rely on daybreak to crush my slumber. That means alarm clocks on the weekends so I can be a slave to the man everyday!



My approach to introduce multiple and varied lighting is working okay, but I think I need to hang an outdoorsy painting or stand a massive mirror against a wall. Hmmm, there’s a great website called Apartment Therapy which might have some helpful tips. I hope I don’t develop some kind of sleep disorder…


6 responses to “Bedroom or Box?

  1. I’ll be really interested to see your solution – I’ve seen fake windows made with frosted “glass” and lighting behind ( those little fairy lights) and then thy put drapes on either side. Quite a good faux effect 😀

    • That’s a great idea! When in need of window, simply add one. Simple, but effective. I’ll add that approach onto my list of possible solutions. Thanks!

  2. In researching possible wall treatments, I came across an article where one woman place two white, antique doors against a wall. That’s another approach, but not quite sure how practical it is…

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