Seattle Apartment – Floor Plan

Operation: Seattle Apartment has begun! This is the first time I’m furnishing a home with an intent to stay long term, so I plan to create a space that is free from the “good enough for now” or “this will hold us over” junk that I’ve found myself living with in the past. By investing more heavily into my living space, I hope to sit more calmly,  think more intelligently and sleep more deeply. Perhaps the simple placement of things cannot drastically alter the trajectory of my life, but I believe it will change my outlook. And hopefully I don’t go broke in the process (I’m a bit concerned because some preliminary window shopping has proven that Ikea furniture is priced remarkably lower than any other furniture shop I’ve found)!

To start, I have an empty apartment with the following rooms:

– Bedroom
– Bathroom
– Great Room (Living/Dining Room)
– Hallway
– Den
– Patio

Seattle Apartment - Floor Plan

Seattle Apartment – Floor Plan

First, there is no natural light in the den, bedroom or bathroom. This makes the rooms feel dark, small and cavernous, like you’re in a basement. Second, there is a long, wide hallway that not only occupies a lot of space, but makes you feel like you’re the dead man walking.

Create a space that is not only cosy and comfortable, but solid and reliable. That means the sofa doesn’t shift every time you sit down, tables don’t wobble and the sleek lines of modern design don’t harm you. The quality of goods and positioning of items in each room should compliment our natural movements and behaviour.

Reasonable/Mid-Range. I’m not exactly sure what a “reasonable” spend might be just yet, but I’ll figure out something soon.


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