Squatting in Seattle

The wind recently blew me into Seattle, WA, permanently. And as I take steps to settle into the city and create a home for myself I realize exactly how important the idea of home is to me… Home is my sanctuary. An environment free of the pressures and annoyances of the outside world. Remember all the mundane observations Jerry Seinfeld used to make? The forced kiss-hello, pick or scratch, etc. Home has always provided an escape from all that obligatory social behaviour. It’s a space for relaxation, creativity, introspection or anything else that seems amusing.

So you can imagine my suffering when I cry out, “I HAVE NO HOME!”.

While Seattle is home to Starbucks and the Seahawks, it’s not quite my home yet (an issue compounded by the fact that I don’t drink coffee or watch football). Don’t misunderstand, the city and I have already engaged in a mild flirtation for which I see no immediate end. It’s pretty darn funky so far. However, it’s my empty apartment that upsets me. I have no furniture and very limited supplies. Life has become uncomfortable because I don’t have my usual luxuries – no bed, no chair and oh my days, no tupperware!

Now I could easily remedy this situation with a quick trip to Ikea, but I want to avoid the cheap and cheerful approach this time. Unlike the many temporary, furnished units that I’ve inhabited until now, my goal is to create an authentic space that I can call home for the long haul. This will take a little more time, but I hope to dig up some bargains, make a few splashy spends and eventually create an authentic space with several stamps in it’s passport, including a few from Sweden :).

Meanwhile, I’ll be squatting in my empty apartment.

Hey, if heroin chic was once a good look in fashion, an empty and sparsely furnished apartment could be crack-house-cute in the interior design world, eh?

Just remember it all began here…


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