Corner Store Controversy

When a wife finds an unknown woman’s number in her husband’s trousers while doing the laundry, you’ve got yourself a problem. And nobody knows this better than my mother, whose name and number were once discovered in said trousers.

An hysterical wife dialled the number and was met by mother’s unsuspecting voice. Initially shocked by the accusations, my mother quickly grew weary of the interrogation and put my father on reconnaissance by handing him the receiver. Always the level-headed mediator, my father pacified the woman and learned that her husband worked at a nearby corner store. Did my mom really know this joker? Well, as it turns out, she did. However, it was only when my parents reached the store front that my mother realised what had happened.

Two weeks earlier, another crisis hit our household when my 13 years old brother was caught swiping a candy bar! His bold (yet stupid) attempt at theft was intercepted, but received with some mercy as the police were not notified. Instead, it was decided that a parent should collect and punish the child. Before picking up the phone, the store manager addressed my brother:

Write down you mom’s name and number, kid. She’ll be here to pick you up.
Now I don’t want to see you getting into trouble again.

The store manager grabbed the slip of paper with the contact details, called my mom and soon watched my brother run into the arms of an angry mother who haughtily grabbed and ushered away her son. Without a single word exchanged, he slid my mom’s number into his pocket and probably never expected to hear of her again.

My parents enjoyed a laugh and returned home happy that the mystery was now solved.
Although I can’t be certain, they probably punished my brother again too.


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