Away From Her

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day in Canada. Mine was quick to highlight the occasion as the 3rd consecutive Mother’s Day for which I was absent. Ah, it’s moments like these that I miss livin’ la vida local.

Whether you’re a travel junky or a firmly grounded expat, being far away from home has it’s challenges. I’ve lived as an expat in the UK for nearly 3 years now. And although the experiences are amazing, I hate missing weddings because I can’t get time off, missing the food at dinners I attend via Skype and missing the punchline because outside jokes are not funny. Hmph!

For all its challenges, distance does introduce a perspective that allows you to discover something simply by articulating it. And so whenever I miss my mother, I think about the specific reasons why and realise the innate bond we share goes unaffected. If anything, distance adds intensity to emotion. It means feverish excitement when I meet her and sickly sadness when I leave her. So in a way, introducing an obstacle into a relationship gives you a reason to overcome it. I’m lucky. I have a mother and a grandmother that are both a huge pain in the ass, but I love them!

My theories aren’t really tested beyond my modest circle of friends and family, but I believe them all to be fact. 


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