A Frightening Fragment

December 8th, 2006.
I’m sleeping when I hear my brother screaming.

Eyes. Open.
Gasp for air.
Jolt out of bed.

My brother is hunched over my Nana.
I stood there in a loud & frantic silence, while an expanding pool of blood encircles my grandmother.
She’s lying face down.

My body reacts with involuntary tears and convulsive breathing. I’m not helping. I can’t help it. Being human becomes very difficult in this moment. Luckily my brother is composed.

He dials 911.
Emergency response.
Nana wakes up. What’s happening?
We have to go to the hospital.

Nana’s eyes are bulging out of her scull. She’s afraid. She doesn’t speak English. She sees me. She begs me to take her home.

39 days later.
She survives.
Not bad for a 96 year old.

This is a fragment of time. Not the whole story, but a terribly horrifying moment in my life. I hope you feel the confusion and fear that I felt the day my Nana fell.


2 responses to “A Frightening Fragment

  1. I like this for it’s ride and exhale not for the fact of granny falling 😦
    She’s made from stuff they don’t manufacture anymore…I hope she stays on in this flesh with us until we’re ready to go 🙂 I would love to sit and listen to her talk about life! Thank u for sharing.

    • My Nana turns 103 this year. She takes no regular medication, tries to eat sugar as if it were a food group and is still quite feisty. The years are not to be ignored as she does require a transporter (mini-wheelchair) because her legs get tired with each outing, but she does okay.

      Thanks for the comment. I plan to share more stories about her.

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