Wine tastings are always enjoyable. Good wine is usually paired with tasty canapés so you can’t really go wrong. And when I heard about a gastropub doing a wine drinking event… My interest was immediately piqued.

The Draper’s Arms in Islington uncorked and invited guests to indulge in a special selection of wines a few days ago. An entrance of £25 gave me access to over 50 wines, so I sampled the expensive, the unfamiliar and the most highly recommended in an evening that proved to be great fun. Freely experimenting with wine was fantastic, albeit unusual. For me, wine is one of those things that I don’t explore well enough. Not only is it cost prohibitive, but I’m not always able to appreciate its complexity. Ultimately, my palette and wallet usually join forces to limit my appreciation of wine. However, at this all-access event, I had the freedom to drink based on random whims and actually developed my knowledge of wine. Here’s a list of my most preferred tipple…

Sancerre Silex, Philippe Girard, France, 2010
Meursault, Francois Mikulski, Burgundy, France, 2007
The Chocolate Block, South Africa, 2011
Haute Medoc, Chateau Lanessan, France, 2000



All in all, great event! Even though the evening took a sad turn when a few friends tried (and failed) to pull women… Now British men are infamous for their inability to woo women, but these guys were using their female friends as ice breakers and darting out for cigarettes at every lull in conversation. That’s when I knew it was time to go home.


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