C’est Cassoulet

Another dinner party. Another food-induced smile.

My most recent food discovery was the glorious cassoulet. Having never eaten the dish, all I knew was that it involved a big pot. Alas, I am now very well acquainted and wore the meal on my face several hours after consumption. And I still can’t stop saying it – cassoulet. Love that word!

20130414_150526 20130414_150207 IMG_20130414_153503


Using upmarket, high quality ingredients, the most common preparation of cassoulet today uses confit duck, white beans, sausage and bacon. I dined in style with the current definition of cassoulet, but this hearty dish from southern France has humble roots. Consisting of white beans, leftover meat scraps, sausage, bacon and tomato sauce, it was popular peasant fare. Even today, most French supermarkets carry a wide selection of canned cassoulet to suit any budget.

Like the dish, the dinner party itself had a rags to riches flavour. Our host and purveyor of elite culinary delights, created a relaxed atmosphere where we all ate with pates on laps, while previewing Psy’s latest music video on Youtube (he’s the Gangnam Style guy). As a guest, it’s nice when you can break bread with friends without being subjected to a “formal” environment. Give credit to my host? No. He’s just lazy. And sometimes it works out for him.

Sorry, no recipe. This dish slow cooks for hours, so I doubt I’ll be having it again anytime soon.


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