Munich’s Surf Scene

Ski. Skate. Surf? Yep, all three are completely appropriate snow sports in Munich, Germany.
Tranquil and frosty best describe the wintery scene as I walked through Munich’s snow covered English Gardens. So when I came upon a river, I found the heavy crashing sounds of the water to be a bit odd.

I guess I was expecting a gentle crackle. However, the rough waters made perfect sense when I saw a surfer carving out the breaks in the river! How incredibly out of place.

Now, the Eisbach isn’t your usual river. It hosts a standing wave that was installed in 1972. Shallow, cold and somewhat controversial, it’s not actually permitted for swimming. In fact, the wave was at risk of closure for a time, but the surf community was quick to petition against any such move. Nowadays you can find surfers honing their craft along side a warning sign that makes it clear that the force of the current is dangerous and intended only for experienced surfers.
I was impressed. Check it out for yourself…

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